Platinum Matte Paint Protection Film

LLumar® Platinum matte paint protection film transforms your vehicle’s finish with serious defense against damage and a custom style statement. If your car has a flat finish, this PPF will blend right in. It can also be used to alter the finish of any glossy automotive paint. Optical clarity ensures your color will stay true. Plus, you’ll get the full benefits of premium PPF protection just like you do with LLumar Platinum gloss PPF.

Even with its flat finish, LLumar Platinum Matte effectively beads water. It features our hydrophobic HydroGard™ top-coat to repel moisture, help fight stains, and enhance durability. LLumar Platinum Matte also self-heals surface scratches with heat from an engine or the sun and stands up to all kinds of threats to a car’s fresh finish. No more worries about flying rocks, winter salt, sand, dirt, bugs, oil and more. Drive with confidence. This PPF is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty*.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.