Transform Glass with Specialty Series Decorative Window Film

Your imagination and colorful LLumar® Specialty Series decorative films can transform any smooth glass surface into a stunning statement: partitions, windows, sliding glass doors, glass furniture and more.

With an expressive palette of translucent tints in red, yellow, blue, and green plus opaque black and white, the Specialty Series can mask or diffuse light in a multitude of interesting ways. Try a single hue for a distinctive mood, layer multiple films to create new shades, or combine with custom cutting for one-of-a-kind artistic effects.  

Our complete selection of Specialty Series decorative window films is durable enough for lasting installations. We also offer additional, temporary versions of opaque black and white window film to shield views of in-progress retail construction. See all your options with our interactive film viewer. It allows you to browse and look for ideas with images of real-world installations.

Decorative Film Viewer

See any one of our decorative film types in a real-world, commercial environment with this easy click-and-see tool. Once you explore how films change the look, light and mood of an interior you’ll be able to confidently spec any upcoming building project.  

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