Conserve Energy Year-Round with Low-e Window Film for Commercial Buildings

Glass is a major component in commercial buildings, accountable for significant energy consumption in both summer and winter. Fortunately, there’s a budget-friendly solution to this problem: low-e window film. When you retrofit existing windows with this innovative film, you can effectively reduce energy use, lower energy costs, and improve year-round comfort.

With a much lower cost than window replacement, Vista™ low-e film is an intelligent investment for commercial properties in all climates. It provides powerful solar control that helps to maintain stable indoor temperatures, reduces glare, and blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that contribute to the fading of artwork and furnishings. Expect to spend less and get a fast return on low-e film, simultaneously helping to reduce tenant complaints and operating expenses.

Low-e Technology for Energy Savings  

Our low-e film has advanced solar technology and a well-placed metallized layer so it’s both insulating and heat-reflective. This is how Vista low-e helps keep radiant heat inside during colder seasons and outside during warmer times.

Extensive Testing and Warranty Protection 

We do extensive testing in a variety of climates to help ensure Vista low-e film delivers in every way: performance, looks and durability. We also treat it with a tough scratch-resistant coating that lasts for years. This product is backed with a manufacturer’s limited warranty. *  

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details. 

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