Spectrally Selective Window Film Rejects Heat

Spectrally selective window film is an ideal product for those who want to take full advantage of natural light. It reduces the sun’s harshness so blinds can stay open, artificial lights can stay off, and the benefits of natural light are realized: better productivity, higher test scores, and more. This film is an affordable solution that significantly lifts the performance of glass, without the complications and expense of full window replacement. 

Because spectrally selective films preserve views and help significantly reduce sun damage, they’re a desirable choice for residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Choose LLumar® Vista™ SpectraSelect film for our highest ratio of visible light transmission to solar heat rejection. It comes in a broad range of shades from nearly clear to a subtle hint of neutral gray.  

Technology that Targets the Sun’s Hottest Rays 

Like spectrally selective glass or glazing, SpectraSelect film uses innovative technology to tame the sun’s heat. This technology targets the sun’s infrared rays to help cool hot spots, while also letting in as much visible light as possible. 

Extensive Testing and Warranty Protection  

SpectraSelect is extensively tested in a variety of climates to help ensure uncompromising looks and performance worthy of historic buildings and preservation guidelines. It also comes with a manufacturer’s limited warranty* so you can be confident in looks, performance and durability. 

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details. 

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