Find Semi-Private Solutions in Textile Decorative Window Film

Make the Textile Series your go-to for projects that need a layer of dimension, filtered light and partial privacy. The etched, woven, and cross-weave styles in this semi-private collection of decorative window films can add softness to sterile areas, echo upholstered furnishings, and attractively disguise undesirable views. Every look is as stylish as printed glass, but much more affordable and easier to change.

Choose the level of privacy and amount of light transmission that meets your requirements from a generous range of Textile Series styles that capture the depth and texture of cloth. Our interactive film viewer will help, showing you every Textile Series style in a real-world environment. See our decorative window film overview, to learn more about the rest of the LLumar® portfolio including FrostedGradientNaturePattern, and Specialty designs.

Decorative Film Viewer

See any one of our decorative film types in a real-world, commercial environment with this easy click-and-see tool. Once you explore how films change the look, light and mood of an interior you’ll be able to confidently spec any upcoming building project.  

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