Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

LLumar® film, also referred to as tint, is made up of an ultra-thin layer bonded with a strong adhesive to glass and other surfaces found in homes and commercial properties. This durable, versatile problem-solver enhances life in a surprising number of ways. LLumar offers a variety of film products, each fine-tuned for its specific application.

The dealers in our professional network will listen to your needs, learn about your situation, and recommend a product to match. They can provide samples as well, or you can browse our, home and commercial film viewers.

Window film can be installed on sliding glass doors, skylights, large windows and small French panes. Professional installers cut each film to fit any shape or size of flat glass. It’s also safe for dual-pane windows and most types of low-e glass. Some films are better suited for certain situations. Consult a dealer for product recommendations compatible with your type of windows or glass.

Film is almost always installed on the inside of a window. However, there are exceptions. When an area is difficult to access, a film designed specifically for exterior application will be used. This is a great alternative for skylights or commercial buildings with high security clearance in certain areas.

LLumar window film is installed by our professional dealer network. The process is minimally disruptive and our dealers will take you through it step by step. Film can be precisely cut to size, then delivered to the installation site. It’s usually installed on the interior side of building glass. After installation, window film needs time to cure or dry out – the number of days this will take varies, depending on factors such as weather, glass type and product type.

A film upgrade for existing building windows is typically only a fraction of the cost for full window replacement. Savings depend on the particulars of each situation, and can vary. 

LLumar window film products are applied to glass with water-based solutions. Our film is carefully installed by professionals trained to treat your windows and property with care.

Window film installation projects vary, but in many residences, film can be installed in one day. Larger projects for commercial properties can take longer. When scheduling an installation appointment with one of our professional dealers, be sure to mention any time constraints. They’ll adjust, to the best of their ability, to fit your schedule.

LLumar window film comes in various designs, colors and shades. It can be virtually clear to preserve Views or opaque for privacy. Most solar control film is optically clear. Looking through it is like wearing high-end sunglasses, or a flattering photo filter.

Not unless you want it to. With less need to use window treatments to block heat and glare, spaces with filmed windows can actually be brighter.

  • Choose a clearer film if you want solar control with virtually no change in glass appearance. 
  • Choose a film that is reflective or darkly tinted if you want solar control with some privacy. 
  • You can also use decorative film that mimics specialty glass to create privacy. 

Window film filters the sun’s rays with technology created to let in varying levels of sunlight. It's made to reduce the sun’s heat and glare, and block up to 99% of the UV rays that contribute to skin damage and fading to furnishings. 

Not if it’s from LLumar. Purple, bubbling film is a sign of a very low-grade window film whose mounting adhesive and dye components have broken down. LLumar film is warranted against this and made with more color stable and advanced dye chemistries and/or metal layers.

Yes. According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, solar heat gain through windows is responsible for about one third of a building’s cooling costs. Window film that reduces solar heat gain can relieve overworked cooling systems, lowering energy use and bills. Some film has insulating properties, for help with heat retention in colder seasons. Ultimately, energy cost savings depend on factors such as type of glass, existence of overhangs, climate and local energy rates. Many window film projects produce a return on investment in just 3 to 5 years, making them well worth considering in lieu of full window replacement.

Yes. Window film helps reduce the amount of heat transferred into a room through its windows. 

Yes. This is one of the main reasons homeowners and businesses are interested in window film. All LLumar solar control window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, a large contributor to fading. Our solar film also tempers the sun’s hot infrared (IR) rays and visible light, two additional contributors to the fading of artwork, furnishings, finishes and merchandise. The amount of protection you get is determined by the type of film you select.

Yes. Window film reduces glare, so you can spend hours working on a computer or watching TV with less eye irritation and fatigue. The darker the tint of the film, the more glare reduction you can expect. 

Yes. LLumar safety and security film helps hold broken glass together, reducing the risk of small pieces flying through the air. This film will help you sleep better at night if you have concerns about extreme weather, break-ins or vandalism.

Not really. Window film is scratch-resistant and may be cleaned with common household cleaners, non-abrasive paper towels, or cotton cleaning cloths.

*Caution should be exercised to prevent gouging by hard, sharp, metallic objects.

Yes. We stand behind our products with a factory-backed limited warranty. Our high-performance film is proudly made in the U.S. from globally sourced materials by Eastman Performance Films, LLC, a respected industry leader known for innovative and technology-based solutions. LLumar window film carries one of the best manufacturer’s warranties in the industry. Warranty varies by product—please reach out to a local dealer for details about what products may meet your needs.

Window film is made to last for years and years. Durability depends on the type of film, size, type of glass, climate and events that occur after installation.

Many utility companies offer rebates specifically for solar control window film installation at residential or commercial properties. Often window film is named as a rebate-eligible product. Other times, window film can qualify for rebates under the “Custom Measures” option (commercial only).

Window film, with the exception of sacrificial anti-graffiti film, is designed for durability and long-term installation. However, it can be removed without causing any damage to the glass it was installed on, even after staying in place for years.