LLumar premium window tint is available in ceramic, metallized, dyed and clear construction options.

LLumar window tint is scratch-resistant and requires no special products or complex process. Just wash the windows as you normally would, using your favorite household cleaner and non-abrasive paper towels or cotton cleaning cloths.

It’s best to wait three days after PPF installation before attempting any sort of washing. After that waiting period ends, hand washing is recommended—but it’s not the only option. If you choose to pressure wash, take care around any edges. Excessive pressure can lift the film. The high water pressure and harsh detergents of touchless car washes could cause issues, as well.

Our PPF is sold globally and installed on vehicles in fridgid climates, including Colorado, Calgary and Norway--some of our highest volume regions. With proper care, our paint protection film can withstand winter cold.

Given proper care, our paint protection film can handle excessive heat. Sold and installed in some of the hottest areas of the world including Texas, Arizona, and the Middle East—our PPF products continue to protect your customer's vehicles against the elements.

Proper care for LLumar paint protection film can include frequent hand washing, prompt removal of staining hazards such as bird droppings and the use of non-abrasive waxes.

LLumar paint protection film hasn’t been specifically tested for marine applications, prohibiting it from warranty coverage. However, there is growing interest in exploring this opportunity.

LLumar Valor paint protection film combines the self-healing protection of premium PPF with a super hydrophobic, Tetrashield™ ceramic finish in a single product. The surface easily repels water and dirt while also protecting against scratches, rocks, and other road debris.

Film should be lifted at a 45-degree angle while pulling back towards yourself. This motion will cause the adhesive to release. Do not fold the film over on itself and tear, this can leave adhesive residue on the surface. A steamer is recommend to aid in softening the film and adhesive for removal in colder climates.