Automotive Window Tint and PPF FAQ

LLumar premium window tint is available in ceramic, metallized, dyed and clear construction options.

Auto tint may be installed on every window in your vehicle. Clear tint can be used on windshields. State laws regulate the level of darkness permitted. These laws vary due to location. Your local LLumar dealer or distributor will be familiar with the auto tint guidelines in your area.

Typically, auto window tint is applied to interior glass surfaces of a vehicle.

LLumar window tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays, keeps vehicle interiors considerably cooler and reduces vision-impairing glare. Darker VLT shades can add privacy and protection for belongings left in the vehicle—not to mention, a distinct stylish look.

LLumar window tint is scratch-resistant and requires no special products or complex process. Just wash the windows as you normally would, using your favorite household cleaner and non-abrasive paper towels or cotton cleaning cloths.

LLumar window tint is manufactured to maintain its color and integrity, year after year. If discoloration does occur, you may be protected by a lifetime limited warranty–if so, our team will remove, replace and install new tint at no additional cost.

All LLumar tint products are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty*.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.

You can locate the nearest LLumar dealer by selecting “Automotive Tint” and entering your zip code in our dealer locator.

LLumar tint products are available worldwide through country specific dealers and our global distribution network. To locate a distributor near you, visit our interactive Global Distribution Map.

We highly discourage the installation of automotive window tint in architectural projects. The heat absorption is too high for that type of glass and could potentially cause breakage.

It’s best to wait three days after PPF installation before attempting any sort of washing. After that waiting period ends, hand washing is recommended—but it’s not the only option. If you choose to pressure wash, take care around any edges. Excessive pressure can lift the film. The high water pressure and harsh detergents of touchless car washes could cause issues, as well.

Our PPF is sold globally and installed on vehicles in fridgid climates, including Colorado, Calgary and Norway--some of our highest volume regions. With proper care, our paint protection film can withstand winter cold. 

It's important to note that PPF should not be removed in the extreme cold as it can separate from the adhesive. It's best to have PPF removed by a professional, indoors at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Given proper care, our paint protection film can handle excessive heat. Sold and installed in some of the hottest areas of the world including Texas, Arizona, and the Middle East—our PPF products continue to protect your vehicle against the elements.

Proper care for LLumar paint protection film can include frequent hand washing, prompt removal of staining hazards such as bird droppings and the use of non-abrasive waxes. We suggest consulting your nearest LLumar dealer or distributor, who can provide expert guidance on surface maintenance.

It is not recommended to apply wax or any other coatings to your vehicle prior to installing LLumar paint protection film. Waxes and coatings can interfere with the film’s adhesion to the painted surface.

Paint protection film may be successfully installed on carbon fiber finishes However, carbon fiber is not considered OEM (original equipment manufacturer) paint, making it ineligible for warranty coverage, if any issues should arise. We suggest contacting a LLumar dealer near you for their recommendation in this specific area of application.

LLumar paint protection film hasn’t been specifically tested for marine applications, prohibiting it from warranty coverage. However, there is growing interest in exploring this opportunity.

LLumar Valor paint protection film combines the self-healing protection of premium PPF with a super hydrophobic, Tetrashield™ ceramic-like finish in a single product. The surface easily repels water and dirt while also protecting against scratches, rocks, and other road debris.

LLumar offers several choices to customize the look of your vehicle. Several paint protection film products are available in high gloss or matte to accentuate color and finish. Our Select Black film gives you the option to wrap or accent your automobile with rich, glossy black—for the look of vinyl and the protective benefits of PPF.

LLumar paint protection film is designed to be applied to original painted surfaces. Issues with aftermarket and repaired paint are not covered by our warranty. If you still choose to install paint protection film on a freshly painted vehicle, 30 days is the common waiting period for the new paint to outgas.

LLumar paint protection film features a proprietary top coat that protects the urethane against surface scratches. The majority of surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to a heat source, such as the sun, warm water, heated body panel (with motor running), etc.

Pricing is determined by the LLumar dealers who professionally install the products we manufacture, due to their labor being factored into the total cost. For an accurate PPF quote we recommend contacting a dealer near you. You may choose to protect all painted surfaces, while other owners just protect areas that receive the most punishment (front bumper, hood, rocker panels, etc). These choices will affect pricing as well. To find a LLumar dealer near you select “Paint Protection Film” and enter your zip code in our locator.

You can locate the nearest LLumar dealer by selecting a product type and entering your zip code in our dealer locator.

LLumar paint protection film products are available worldwide through country specific dealers and our global distribution network. To locate your nearest distributor, visit our interactive Global Distribution Map.