Metallized Window Tint

Metallized tint, unlike dyed tint reflects heat away instead of absorbing it. This type of tint is called metallized because that’s how it’s made – tiny metallic particles are on the tint. This gives it a reflective or shiny look, plus protection against the sun’s most unwelcome side effects: extremely hot surfaces, damage from extended UV exposure, and AC that struggles to keep up. Vehicle owners who choose metallized tint prefer its reflective look and ability to reflect away heat.

LLumar® metallized tint has a micro-thin layer that starts with components like color-stable dye and powerful adhesive. We manufacture to the strictest standards, boosting the sun-taming benefits by adding a metallized layer, then adding a scratch-resistant coating to help keep your tint looking new for years.

Benefits of Metallized Window Tint

Metallized tint reflects heat, so you’ll feel noticeably cooler and use your AC less – which can lead to reduced fuel use.

Tint blocks 99% of the UV rays that damage car interiors and skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. 

The darker the tint, the more it helps to reduce the harsh glare that irritates eyes on bright, sunny days.

Metallized tint, at any shade, gives windows a slightly reflective sheen--unlike most tint.

Tint can add privacy, helping to conceal anything from a sound system to valuables left on the seat. 

Tint adds an extra layer to windows that helps hold glass together, keeping children, pets and other passengers safe. 

LLumar ATR window film on black car

ATR Tint Series

This premium metallized tint is engineered to exacting standards and has our manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty* coverage.

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Comfort Tint Series

Offered exclusively by LLumar SelectPro™ dealers, this line of ultra-premium metallized tint is backed by our best transferable lifetime limited warranty*.

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FormulaOne Comfort window tint used on white sports car

How does it look on my vehicle?

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*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.