About Us

LLumar® architectural window film is used to help improve glass performance in homes and commercial buildings worldwide. Our automotive tint and paint protection film help make driving the best part of your day. All of the film we offer features ultra-thin, advanced technology able to help add protection, comfort, and style to life at home, at work and on the road.

As a brand that’s both marketed and manufactured by Eastman Performance Films, our products are conceived, engineered, and perfected with a deep understanding of film technology and marketplace needs. This expert knowledge allows us to be a thoughtful, industry-wise asset for the dealers who offer our products, and a trusted resource for consumers in search of film solutions.

Our product portfolio includes a complete line of:

  • Automotive window tints
  • Paint protection films
  • Commercial and residential films for energy savings, solar control, safety and security, and decorative privacy.  

Once you know what LLumar films can do, don’t be surprised if you start seeing the world differently. Glass isn’t just something to look through; it’s a material with major potential and benefits – but only when performing at its best. This is why LLumar exists, and why we’re driven every day to deliver our best to consumers, dealers, and the world.

Eastman Performance Films manufacturing facility

Our Manufacturing

We use globally sourced materials to make LLumar films at state-of-the-art, United States manufacturing sites in Martinsville, Virginia.   

Our Manufacturing

We use globally sourced materials to make our films at U.S. manufacturing sites.

Sustainability Efforts

We’re honored by the recognition we’ve received for our sustainability efforts and strive to do more each day, from continual improvement of processes to
ever-greener product designs.  

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Industry associations of LLumar

Industry Associations

LLumar works with a variety of respected associations worldwide to validate product performance, ensure film industry success, and support partner industries.

Industry Associations

We work with respected associations worldwide to validate product performance.

Chase Elliott no. 9 LLumar car driver

LLumar and Racing

We sponsor Hendrick Motorsports driver Chase Elliott and the No. 9 team by providing race day protection with our films and more.

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