Interactive Window Film Tools to Assist in Product Selection

LLumar® offers a variety of interactive tools and downloadable files to help you find the product that best meets your needs, whether they’re performance or aesthetics. Access each tool in a single click below. 

Commercial Film Viewer

See how our solar control and decorative film looks in a commercial environment.

  •  Shows film in a realistic interior setting
  • Choose and view any LLumar product
  • Improve selection process and customer satisfaction
View Films

Film Comparison Tool

Build a chart comparing performance specs for the solar control or safety and security film of your choosing.

  • View performance specs for one or more products
  • View charts on-screen or download comparisons
  • Find the right product for your project fast
Compare Films

Energy Savings Calculator

Answer four questions for a quick estimate of how energy savings offset the cost of window film installation. 

  • Estimates based on trusted 3rd-party data
  • Shows key numbers, including time to ROI
  • Helps encourage reluctant buyers to commit
Calculate Savings

Residential Film Viewer

Preview solar control and decorative film to see how these products enhance a residential environment.

  • See film in a realistic home interior
  • Compare images before and after film
  • Useful visuals for you and your clients
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Window Film Downloads

Find care and warranty information, case studies, performance data, specs, and test reports.

  • Get results for your search in seconds
  • Connect to our full digital resource library
  • All files are ready to download
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