Cutting Software for Window Film and PPF

For an installation experience that’s smooth from start to finish, combine LLumar® window film and paint protection film with our cutting software.

Our cutting software was developed with input from installation pros to keep you on track, all day long. With a library of verified patterns designed to pair with LLumar films, you can cut with confidence. Our cutting software provides you a seamlessly integrated desktop experience and expansive cutboards, so it’s easy to navigate and edit patterns. And best of all, the software adjusts to how you work – so it won’t interrupt your flow.

Cutting Software Gives You More

Our software is loaded with 1000s of patterns, 90% of them rated 4 to 5 stars by professional installers. We update regularly, so the newest vehicles are available when you need them.

Our one-of-a-kind design compatible with Macs and PCs was created just for the film industry. It makes our cutting software easy to pick up, with features like simple pattern selection and one-click edits.

Build your perfect kit, using the software's expansive views, edge wrapping options and a set of simple editing tools. When you’re done, save your custom kit for faster future installs.

With quick shortcuts, cutboard-saving capabilities and nesting tools, our cutting software helps you get the most out of every film roll, and every minute of your time at work.

Installers are raving about out software, but we’re not finished. Our dedicated team will be adding problem-solving features with regular software updates.

Automotive window film installer using Core cutting software

You Belong on the Cutting Edge

Our platform makes traditional film-cutting software a thing of the past. Don’t rely on a tool that no longer suits you or your business. Contact your sales rep to learn more.

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