Solar Window Film for Commercial Properties

Windows allow natural light and expansive views, but the glass in buildings can have unforeseen drawbacks from excessive solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. Solar window film is an affordable glass upgrade that enhances buildings in any climate, costing just a fraction of full window replacement. 

By filtering much of the solar spectrum, LLumar® solar control film contributes to reduced energy use, helps prevent furnishings from fading and increases tenant comfort. Our films are powerful, durable solutions that can also enhance a building’s appearance inside or outside. Engineered to elevate the value and experience of a property by controlling costs and improving tenant productivity and satisfaction. Explore our full range of solar control film products to find the ideal solution for your property.

Benefits of Solar Window Film

Relieve heating and cooling systems, to help conserve energy and shrink bills.  

Temper the sun’s harsh heat and glare to make commercial spaces more pleasant and usable.   

Block more than 99% of the UV rays that contribute to fading of interiors, artwork and furnishings. 

Complement any architecture style, with films from barely visible to neutral to reflective.  

Choose reflective sun control film in a broad range of colors to disguise mismatched blinds, curtains or clutter. 

Expect reliable payback on solar film installation. See our energy savings calculator for details. 

Reflective window film on downtown office building

Reflective Window Film

Outstanding solar control that reflects surroundings viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight. 

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Dual-reflective window film in office park

Dual-Reflective Window Film

A reflective exterior and a neutral interior, for 24-hour outside views and impressive solar control.

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Deluxe Window Film

A sophisticated, non-reflective look offering high levels of heat rejection and glare reduction for increased comfort.

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Neutral Window Film

Understated, non-reflective gray film that provides solar benefits with minimal change to the look of glass.  

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Specialty film invisibly protects building interior

Specialty Window Film

Virtually invisible solar control benefits and outstanding optical clarity; popular for historic properties.

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Window film applied to exterior of office building

Exterior Window Film

Designed for exterior durability, to meet the needs of challenging retrofit installations with limited access.  

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