Interactive Tools for Dealers to Help Close Sales

As part of the LLumar® dealer network, you’re supported by a wide variety of informative, interactive tools. They’re live 24/7 here on the LLumar site, demonstrating the advantages of LLumar films and making it easier for you to close sales. Some tools are available to embed on your shop’s website. These tools will help you reach buyers at the ideal time – when they’re thinking about film and looking for an installer.

To access instructions for embedding tools on your site, contact your sales representative or distributor.

Automotive film viewer being used on mobile device

PPF and Tint Film Viewer

This click-and-view tool helps customers explore tint shades and see common PPF coverage areas on a vehicle.    

  • Choose from multiple vehicle types
  • Compare available tint shades
  • See common PPF coverage areas
View Automotive Films
Commercial film simulator being used by architect

Solar and Deco Film Viewer

A quick and easy way to see how our solar control and decorative films look in a commercial or residential environment.  

  • All available products and multiple views
  • Improves selection process and satisfaction
View Architectural Films
Architectural dealer comparing performance specs

Window Film Comparison Tool

This tool builds a custom chart of performance specs comparing the solar control or safety and security films of your choosing.

  • View on-screen or download for client proposals
  • Find the right product for your project fast
Compare Film Specs
Building manager calculating potential energy cost savings

Energy Savings Calculator

Answer 4 simple questions about your project for a quick estimate of how quickly energy savings will offset installation costs.

  • Shows key numbers, including time to ROI
  • Helps compare payback for various products
  • Estimates based on trusted 3rd-party data
Calculate Energy Savings
Commercial installer downloading window film resources

Window Film Downloads

This tool gives you access to all of our available product information: care and warranty documents, case studies, performance data, spec guide, white papers, and reports.

  • Get results for your search in seconds
  • All files are ready to download
Search Download Library