Architectural Window Film Products

LLumar® offers a comprehensive portfolio of architectural films for use in residences and commercial properties. These innovative solutions are sold and professionally installed by our network of expert dealers and engineered to address building glass issues related to safety, heat, and glare. They’re also a cost-effective option for creating custom decorative features.  

LLumar films can be retrofitted to windows, doors, partitions, shower enclosures, and other smooth glass surfaces. If you have concerns about discomfort, energy costs, security, or privacy, you’ll be happy to know that our architectural films can address them for a fraction of the cost of new windows, doors or specialty glass.

Window film used on home with extreme sun exposure

Residential Window Film

Make your home a better place to live with our energy-saving solar control films, privacy-enhancing decorative films, and protective safety and security films.

Residential Window Film

Improve your home with LLumar window films. 

Residential Film Benefits

LLumar residential films block 99% of the harmful UV rays that contribute to fading, help reduce energy bills, and complement a variety of architectural styles.

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Solar control film protects interior of home

Solar Film for Homes

Enjoy natural sunlight and outdoor views while taming the sun’s harsh heat, irritating glare, and harmful UV rays with our selection of solar films for homes.

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Decorative film used on home staircase

Decorative Film for Homes

Add privacy or a designer touch to any room of your home with our selection of decorative films for windows, shower doors and glass cabinets.

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Safety and security film protects first floor of residence

Home Safety and Security Film

Add a tough layer to the glass in your home, making it less vulnerable to unwanted surprises like break-ins, vandalism, stray golf balls and extreme weather.

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Commercial window film protects high rises

Commercial Window Film

Our selection of commercial window films can enhance properties in a variety of ways and can help reduce HVAC loads for energy savings that deliver speedy ROI.

Commercial Window Film

Our selection of films can enhance properties in a number of ways.

Benefits of Commercial Film

Discover 5 benefits of LLumar commercial film products to understand why they’re chosen for educational institutions, government buildings, museums and office complexes around the world.

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Solar control film protects downtown offices

Commercial Solar Film

Our commercial solar films are engineered to elevate the value and experience of a property. They help control costs while also helping improve tenant comfort, productivity, and satisfaction.

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Decorative film adds subtle privacy to offices

Commercial Decorative Film

Decorative films can add privacy to partitions and windows, be custom cut to create one-of-a-kind logo designs, or convincingly mimic the sparkle of expensive specialty glass.

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Safety and security film protects public transportation system

Commercial Safety and Security Film

Make a good first impression from the street and help protect properties, occupants, and merchandise, with our anti-graffiti films and our clear or solar safety and security films.

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Vista window films provides home interior protection

Vista Window Films

Vista films are manufactured to meticulous standards and tested with unrelenting rigor to satisfy the demands of discriminating buyers. Find them exclusively at LLumar SelectPro™ dealers.  

Vista Window Films

Vista films are manufactured to the highest standards.