Commercial Decorative Window Film

Our thoughtfully curated line of decorative window film transforms the function and feel of commercial spaces by adding privacy, filtering light, and creating one-of-a-kind designs. Unlike specialty glass, decorative window film is budget-friendly and minimally disruptive when installing or removing. This makes it a smart space refresher when styles or clients change.

Consider decorative privacy film for windows, partitions, doors, cabinets and even glass furniture. With frostedgradient, and patterned film, you’re sure to find the creative inspiration or practical solution your commercial building project needs. Preview the entire line of LLumar® iLLusions™ decorative glass film with our interactive decorative film viewer.

Benefits of Commercial Decorative Window Film

Enhance the look of spas, offices, medical practices and more with film styles that range from subtle to bold.

With varying degrees of privacy levels, decorative film can fully or partially block an individual’s ability to see through the glass.

Completely shield or partially obscure an unappealing view, without compromising daylight.

Decorative film is a cost-effective way to convincingly simulate etched or textured glass.

Soften bright, direct light to improve aesthetics, add comfort and enhance occupant productivity.   

Film is durable yet easy to install and remove. Refresh for new client needs and trends.

Layer, print and custom-cut decorative film to create eye-catching branding or original artwork. 

Frost film used to create custom look in commercial space

Versatile Frosts

We offer an expansive variety of frosted window film in soft matte, color infused and delicately textured styles.

  • Privacy for partitions or windows
  • Enhances architectural features
  • Blends with any building style
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Nature inspired film adds privacy to conference room

Nature Series

Enhance interior landscapes with these beautiful, practical film styles inspired by flowing water, leafy foliage, and windswept sand.

  • Adds a natural design element
  • An open feel with partial privacy
  • Reflects current design trends
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Patterned film adds depth to interior office windows

Pattern Series

Our striking patterned window film comes in a variety of geometric designs, from playful dots to soothing stripes.

  • A variety of coverage levels
  • Patterns from playful to serious
  • Able to accentuate or distract
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Textile inspired window film adds privacy to conference room

Textile Series

These fiber-inspired patterns echo upholstered furnishings and create partial privacy while adding textural interest. 

  • Mimics printed specialty glass
  • Softens harsh, direct light
  • Adds interest to sterile spaces
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Specialty decorative films creates privacy while retail space is under construction

Specialty Series

Create drama or problem-solve with this kaleidoscopic palette of mixable translucent colors and light-blocking black or white.   

  • Disguise areas under construction
  • Block light in darkrooms or studios
  • Cut and layer for one-of-a-kind effects
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Gradient film adds textured privacy to office

Gradient Series

With simple patterns and gentle transitions from transparent to opaque, this film reveals and conceals at the same time.

  • Sophisticated privacy and light control
  • Complements our matte frosts
  • Orient privacy at top, bottom, or side
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