Transform Your Home with Window Film

If you’re feeling at all uncomfortable or dissatisfied with your home, start with your windows. Then look to LLumar® for a smart residential window film solution for what may be bothering you: the hot spots in a room, the cost of cooling, or even the afternoon glare on your TV. We offer a variety of film products that can be installed quickly by professionals and deliver lifestyle benefits without costing a fortune.

Solar control window film lets natural light in and protects interior finishes

Solar Control Film

Increase comfort by taming the sun’s heat and glare, help protect furnishings from sun exposure, and help save energy too. Solar film is often preferred over window treatments because they make rooms more livable without obscuring views and architectural details.

Solar Control Film

Increase comfort by taming the sun’s heat and glare.

Impressive solar control that reflects like a mirror with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight.  Learn more.

A reflective exterior and a neutral interior, for 24-hour outside views with significant solar control. Learn more.

These subtle, non-reflective gray film products provide solar benefits with less visible change to glass. Learn more.

Virtually invisible solar control benefits and maximum optical clarity; popular for historic homes. Learn more.

A less reflective appearance with excellent solar control and great durability in any climate. Learn more.

Great at tempering excessive heat and glare with low reflectance and an earthy, warm look. Learn more.

Minimal light control and heat protection that barely alters the look of window glass. Learn more.

Decorative film adds depth and texture to home stairway

Decorative Window Film

Decorative film adds privacy from prying eyes and more interest to decor. It’s a solution for bathroom windows and shower enclosures, and an inexpensive way to add a designer touch to any room.

Decorative Window Film

Add privacy from prying eyes and more interest to decor.

Residential film viewer simulator in use on mobile device

See LLumar Film in a Home Setting

Our interactive viewer lets you visualize various solar and decorative film styles inside a home.

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Security film protects large windows and doors of residence

Safety and Security Window Film

If you’re concerned about vandalism, break-ins or extreme weather, safety and security film will help you sleep better at night. We offer clear film made to reinforce glass windows and doors, as well as products that combine solar and security benefits.

Safety and Security Window Film

Protect your home from vandalism, break-ins or extreme weather.

Couple looking at window film benefits on mobile device

Window Film Benefits

Dig deeper to find out how our film works hard to improve your comfort and lifestyle at home.

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