Your Family and Possessions are Safer with Home Window Security Film

Protective safety and security films help deter all kinds of rough treatment:

  • Break-ins 
  • Vandalism 
  • Accidents, and 
  • Nature’s dangerous whims. 

They’re engineered for strength, using a heavy-duty polyester compound that bonds to glass with strong adhesives. Once installed, these films make the glass in your home less vulnerable, adding a tough layer that will hold together much better, if it’s broken.  

LLumar® offers clear, barely detectable safety and security films focused solely on home defense. We also have multi-purpose films that combine safety and security features with solar control technology. Both preserve curb appeal instead of advertising security concerns like window bars do. Life can be unpredictable. You’ll worry about that less with our safety and security film adding protection for your family, possessions, and home.

Clear safety film protects first floor windows of modern home

Clear Safety and Security Films

An invisible, physically strong shield of protection against shattering, burglary and more.  Contact a dealer near you for more information.

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Solar safety and security film provides multiple benefits to residence

Solar Safety and Security Films

The combined benefits of two films, for improved indoor comfort plus defense against danger. Contact a dealer near you for more information. 

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