Resources to Help Your Business Succeed

LLumar® is an industry recognized brand with powerful resources to support you, your business and your people. Our web tools, marketing materials, Core cutting software and training programs make it easy to leverage the extensive knowledge that we’ve gathered for over 65 years in the film industry.

We know that the best way to grow is through the success of dealers like you. We’re fully committed to helping you succeed and are constantly fine-tuning our products and resources to match your needs. Access more information from this page, and remember your feedback is always welcome.

Sample of interactive selling tools

Interactive Web Tools

Close sales easily with help from our interactive tools. You can access them here or add them to your shop’s website for direct customer access. 

  • Architectural and auto film viewers
  • Window film specs comparison tool
  • Fast and easy energy savings calculator
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Sample LLumar marketing materials

Marketing Materials

Our cooperative advertising program includes funding for local ad campaigns and trade show events, plus sharable content designed to drive business.

  • Increase your budget with co-op dollars
  • Enhance your shop with informative signage
  • Demonstrate features with interactive displays
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 Core cutting software being used to custom fit film for a car

Core Cutting Software

Core was developed with input from dealers like you. Try it to see how smooth your installs can be with shortcuts, an easy interface, and 1000s of verified patterns.   

  • Full pattern library, continuously updated
  • Features to significantly reduce film waste
  • Expert tech support and training library
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Installers at LLumar training facility

Comprehensive Training

Learn to install new LLumar products or fine-tune your skills with interactive programs, hands-on demos and practice sessions at our state-of-the-art training centers. 

  • Practice with toolkits and LLumar films
  • Benefit from 500 years of combined expertise
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Architect viewing window film specifications

Window Film Specifications

Get any document you need to specify our films for your project here, in just two easy clicks.

  • Performance Data Charts
  • Three-Part Specifications
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