Mimic Etched Glass with Gradient Decorative Window Film

The LLumar® Gradient Series of decorative films offers a variety of on-trend, contemporary looks ideal for commercial and retail spaces. With gradient films you’re not forced to choose between coverage and clear sightlines. Because gradient films feature a gradual transition from privacy-enhancing opaque to see-through transparent, they have a unique ability to create privacy without sacrificing an open feel or natural light.

Design with intention by strategically placing our modern Gradient Series. Have your installer orient gradient opacity at the top, bottom, or side of your glass surface, depending on your desired effect. Expand your designs by combining a frosted gradient with a coordinating film from our Frosted Matte Series. And check out our interactive film viewer to see all our decorative films, including gradients, installed in real-world commercial spaces.

Decorative Film Viewer

See any one of our decorative film types in a real-world, commercial environment with this easy click-and-see tool. Once you explore how films change the look, light and mood of an interior you’ll be able to confidently spec any upcoming building project.  

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