Reflective Window Film

LLumar® offers homeowners two types of reflective film, made with powerful technology designed to tame the sun: reflective and dual-reflective. You can rely on both film types to:

  • Create privacy 
  • Take care of uncomfortable hot spots in sunny areas of your home, and
  • Block more than 99% of the UV rays that can fade your furnishings,

Both films also have a modern, mirror-like look when viewed from the street outside.

The construction is what makes reflective and dual-reflective films different. Because reflective window film has the same heat-rejecting technology on both sides, it’s better at controlling heat. However, this film has a shiny, mirrored look from inside at night. Dual-reflective window film pairs a reflective exterior side with a more subtle interior side. It helps to give you a clearer view outside day and night, but the tradeoff is a little less heat control.

You’ll have a nice range of hues to select from whether you go with LLumar reflective or dual-reflective window film Both are covered by our lifetime limited warranty. * We want you to be comfortable with your home, inside and out. Still shopping? Be sure to check out our full solar film selection for homes.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.

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