FormulaOne Classic Window Tint

FormulaOne® Classic™ is an uncompromising dyed window tint available in a wide variety of shades to help you express your personal style while enjoying the privacy you desire. It’s a sensibly priced entry-level choice and anything but basic. Because it’s FormulaOne, this dyed window tint delivers the unexpectedly premium benefits of optical clarity, scratch resistance, and protection from more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

Stable Color that Lasts

FormulaOne Classic window tint is made with durable, deep-dye construction that incorporates charcoal color into the polyester film. Other brands skip this step and apply dye only to the surface, so they’re less durable and likely to discolor.

Our Best Coverage for Your Tint Investment

You want the stylish look of your freshly tinted vehicle to last, and so do we. That’s why we construct FormulaOne Classic to last for years, and back it with a transferable lifetime limited warranty. * This is the best coverage LLumar® has to offer. It protects your tint investment and follows the title of your vehicle if it changes ownership.

A LLumar SelectPro Dealer Exclusive

Only LLumar SelectPro dealers are authorized to offer FormulaOne Classic window tint. This elite group is recognized for their professional service, expert installation, and spectacular results. Learn more about our other FormulaOne automotive window tint options to see the additional benefits you can receive from window tint.

FormulaOne Classic is Offered in 5 Shades

Tint shades of FormulaOne Classic

How does it look on my vehicle?

Try out different tint shades with our automotive tint viewer. It lets you choose the products you’re interested in and see them on a vehicle like yours.

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Performance Specs

We test LLumar FormulaOne window tint to help ensure it performs as expected. Our downloadable performance spec sheet shows you the results and helps you compare FormulaOne products.   

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*Certain restrictions apply; see a dealer for warranty details.